ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2020 will eventually take place in a virtual form

ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2020 will eventually take place in a virtual form.


Despite our months-long effort, the event will eventually not take place in its usual form of a running event for public, with a great variety of disciplines. Based on the actual epidemiologic situation in Bratislava, an increasing number of COVID-19 positive cases in last days, as well as due to the statement from the Minister of Health of Slovak Republic together with the Chief Public Health Officer of Slovak Republic on Thursday 27th August, and measures of the Public Health Authority of Slovak Republic issued on Friday 28th August – the ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2020 will take place exclusively virtually.

All of us – runners, partners, organizers – have invested massive effort into the preparation of this event. It is a huge commitment, respect to everybody and a great responsibility. Responsibility towards our partners but especially towards you, our participants. This is one of the reasons why we, together with the general partner ČSOB and other partners, were trying to find a solution that would enable us enjoy the spirit of ČSOB Bratislava marathon 2020, even in a different form. We are delighted that our general partner, ČSOB, expressed absolute understanding and solidarity when responding to the situation and decided to cover the costs of event´s transfer to a virtual environment. ČSOB also decided to cover the shipping costs of start packages. As a result, we would like to introduce to you the following possibilities how to take part in ČSOB Bratislava marathon 2020 and information about how it is going to take place, summarized in three key points:

  1. Virtual races + 2. Start packages + 3. Alternatives how to get a start fee refund:



On Wednesday 2nd September all duly registered participants of ČSOB Bratislava marathon 2020 will be sent information how to take part in virtual races of ČSOB Bratislava marathon 2020. Every registered participant will receive sign-in details and instructions how to upload their result. You can run your discipline virtually (marathon, half marathon, 10 km, mini-marathon and runs for kids) from Saturday 5th September to Sunday 13th September, and you need to upload your result until 13th September as well. Participation in virtual races is voluntary and is available to all registered participants.

You will be able to download your virtual start number as well as your diploma, which will be available in the section of results, after you upload your result. We will be compiling result lists continuously and will publish the total order in all disciplines on Tuesday, 15th September 2020.


Every duly registered participant of ČSOB Bratislava marathon 2020 can pick up their start package with combination of items based on the discipline – start envelope/kids backpack – start number – medal – finisher T-shirt/kids T-shirt – event T-shirt/buff from Wednesday 2nd September until Sunday 6th September in Eurovea, on Milan Rastislav Štefánik Square, in following times:

Wednesday to Friday 12:00 until 18:00 pm

Saturday to Sunday 10:00 am until 16:00 pm

When picking up start packages it is possible to buy also event merchandise or buy start fee and support the event. We will also prepare a marathon photo wall and will do everything possible to create a true marathon atmosphere in Eurovea.

Those participants who cannot pick their start package up personally can ask to have it delivered by mail in October – after we receive all online requests. The whole system of arranging the shipping will take place solely online and is scheduled to launch on Monday 7th September.


All duly registered participants of ČSOB Bratislava marathon 2020 (also those who have already chosen one of the possibilities in the online form in previous months) will have a possibility to choose one of the following solutions:

A) Transfer their start fee to one of the next events – 2021, 2022 or 2023 – by filling out an online form from 7th September to 30th September 2020.

B) Ask for a full start fee refund in 2020 – by filling out an online form from 7th September to 30th September 2020.

C) Help the organizers and support the event – leave the start fee for the organizer of the event.


Together with the Slovak Athletic Federation, we are preparing an alternative for Slovak Championship in half marathon, on a special track for registered and signed-in runners of Slovak Athletic Federation. Final information and instructions will be available on Wednesday 2nd September. In case we manage to finalize all necessary details, the registration for Slovak Championship in half marathon will open also for so far unregistered participants – subject to fulfilment of registration criteria of this event.

We would like to thank you all for a tremendous amount of positive energy coming our way since Friday´s unpleasant announcement about the change in the organization of our event. We appreciate it very much and believe that despite this unplanned twist of events we will all enjoy yet another great year of ČSOB Bratislava marathon in its specific form.


Jozef Pukalovič

Director of ČSOB Bratislava marathon

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