Propositions– „Little Night Run Rexík“ 2019


Advices and basic information

Start: 6.9.2019 (Friday) from 7:30 pm  

Kids will start in sequence according to age categories (A to F), approx. in 10 min. intervals, girlsand boys separately.

Participants limit:      1 000 children

Track length and categories: – boys and girls  

  • A –      to 5 years                    (year of birth 2014 and younger) – 300 m
  • C –      8 and 9 years               (year of birth 2010 and 2011)             –  600 m
  • D –       10 and 11 years          (year of birth 2008 and 2009)             –  600 m
  • E –      12 and 13 years          (year of birth 2006 and 2007)             –  800 m
  • F –       14 and 15 years          (year of birth 2004 and 2005)             –  800 m

Start fee depends on the day of payment:

  • first 500 registered kids with paid start fee, start numbers 1 – 499:           5
  • further 500 registered kids with paid start fee, start numbers 500 – 1000: 7

Start fee includes:     

  • start number with name (when registered and paid till 10.8.2019),
  • medal in finish,
  • refreshment in finish,
  • possibility to download the on-line diploma.


a) on-line till 3.9.2018 via and

b) personally if the participants limit is not full:

– from 4.9.2019 till 5.9.2019 in Eurovea from 12:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.

– 6.9.2019 from 12:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. in Eurovea

Presentation of registered participants, picking up of start numbers with chips:

– from 4.9.2019 till 5.9.2019 in Eurovea, from 12:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.

– 6.9.2019 from 12:00 a.m.till 6:00 p.m. in Eurovea (Pribinova Street)

In the A and B category the parents can run together with kids. We ask those parents to rank with kids at the end of the start wave!!! Please respect kids who run individually without parents. Don´t forget that with your „fair – play“behaving you are role models for the kids.  

  • Kids will start in individual categories A to F,
  • First start the girls and then the boys.  
  • Kids start in waves counting max. 50 kids (in the A and B category we expect 3 to 4 starts/waves within category).

Start numbers for kids include time measuring chips,which record the time of each child from the run through the start carpet tillthe run through the finish carpet. For that reason it is necessary that kidsrun on own feet through the start and finish zone otherwise the timekeeping device will not register them and they will be notmentioned in the results!!!

In each category only one child with the fastest time will be the winner no matter in which wave he/she starts.

Timekeepingmeasures the net time – the time from the start carpet to the finish carpet –not from the gut start.In the result list will be included and awards willget only kids who run the whole track without strong help of parents! (carryingon hands or drawing of kids is forbidden). After the event the organizer willpublish the result list on so that all can print out theon-line diploma.

The first 3 boys and thefirst 3 girls in each age category will get material prizes.

We are looking for you!