„I Run Healthy“

When we in 2018 together with the Slovak Anti doping Agency and our partners created the ethic rules  for runners how to behave under the title „We run Fair play“ or 12 Running Rules by  Bratislava Marathon Team, the very first theme and the most important one regarded the most precious.  

Your health. The health of you all, the participants of our runs.  No matter, what time you reach or if you match your running ambitions, the most important fact is that sports and running make you happy and help you to foster your health and inner tranquility.

The first point of our 12 Running Rules says:

When doing sports on a regular basis undergo a medical examination once a year at least. If you are ill, do not start, health we have just one and we shall appreciate it. Before the race sleep well, eat and drink, during increased energy spending within the race your body will thank you right in the moment you will need it mostly.

To know once heath condition and undergo a regular medical check is, in our opinion, for every athlete very important. There are several reasons why, from the right set up of training plans, their optimization through the knowledge of once body (blood, ECG …) or learning about the necessity to supply the organism with some nutrients (iron, magnesium,…) when doing sports on a regular basis even to the identification of congenital illness and medical problems, which could appear in a massive way during increased physical exercise and cause to your organism unfortunate consequences.

Also for these reasons we the Bratislava Marathon Team decided in 2019 support, motivate and a little bit to award and visualize all those who decide to undergo regular medical checks and at the same time to participate in our  running events.

As to the fact that the majority of you undergoes medical checks at the begin of the running season, which we also recommend, we decided beginning with the 4th run of the ČSOB Winter Series (09.03.2019) and than during 2019 to enable runners, who show us the proof of medical check (valid from 01.01.2019) to start in our running events always with the most advantageous start fee and when taking over start packages to use the „Fast line“.

And as bonus you will get a badge „I Run Healthy“ which you can pin for instance on the start number, bag or kit-bag by which you will give manifest to all that you care about your health and by this you will act as motivators and ambassadors of this message among wide running community.
Thanks a lot for this.

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