43rd kilometer is the roof name of more small social projects which have become a fix part of our event for more than 10 years. Thanks to massive support of the general partner ČSOB Financial Group we are able to organize each year projects which help those who really need help.  In 2018 within this project 6 independent projects will run to help and collect financial means for children: 

“We help with buying numbers”
The runners have the opportunity to buy for 5,- and more EUR their favorite start numbers, and by this to contribute directly to the Barriers Account. In the 1st – December 2017 phase 13 runners have bought numbers for 182,- EUR. In the second phase (1.2. – 14.2.2018) thanks to 20 runners 230,- EUR were collected. 

„Children for Children”
The organizer BE COOL donates for each registered child 1 € to the charity project A Heart for Kids (organized in cooperation with sport.sk) and to the non-profit organization Children with Cancer.

<p3>„Equal Chance“ The general partner of the event, ČSOB Finance Group, pays start fee for children from orphanages.  

„Barriers Account”
1 child = 1 story = 1 aid. 13 selected children need help and we believe that during 13  weeks from the begin of 2018 we will be able to collect financial means according to the needs of the disabled children.   

“New start”
The Foundation ADELI has become a new member of the 43th kilometer project and will support 8 adults, who after head injury or apoplectic stroke are disabled and their social and labor possibilities have changed.  

“Collection of clothes”
During December 2018 a collection of sport apparel and footwear was provided to socially disabled people at the hand of runner and priest Peter Gombita.


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