New training plans for autumn ČSOB Bratislava Marathon

Firstly, we sent the training plans at the beginning of February, in order to help you with running preparation 8 weeks before the ČSOB Bratislava Marathon, that was supposed to take place in April. Currently, the situation has changed, but we are runners and therefore determined to catch everything. These new training plans that were made in cooperation with running coach Romana Komárňanská will help you to get ready for the new autumn date of ČSOB Bratislava Marathon (5th-6th September 2020).

We created several running plans for the upcoming 4 months, for different disciplines as well as for different performance levels. Because „everybody is a winner”.

10 km newcomer – wishing to improve the final time under 45 min – half marathon newcomer – or ambitious half marathoner knowing his reserves – or a marathoner aiming to responsibly and systematically reach the final time under 4 hours – all of you can access our training help in order to find inspiration and advice. Thanks to Romana’s cooperation, we believe that these plans will help and wish you all the best and many healthy kilometres.


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