ČSOB Summer Tour 2020. Virtual and classic race combination.

ČSOB Summer Tour consists of 3 running events. The first event taking part in June will be organized as „virtual race“, the other two events in July and August as the combination of classic race and virtual race.

Propositions – main informations

  • The combination of virtual race and classic race allows everyone to be included, either from Slovakia or from foreign countries. The reward for participating in all 3 races of ČSOB Summer Tour (virtual, classic or combination) is a beautiful Slovak summer medal. The medal will be send by post to any foreign participant too. We would like to invite all our runners and supporters from the whole world to be part of our brand new pre-marathon races.
  • Thenumber of runners allowed to participate in the classic race depends on thedevelopment of the epidemiological situation in Slovakia.
  • Therefore,the registration for individual races will always be open after the end of theprevious event. It also depends on the maximal number of participantsallowance.
  • Payextra attention when filling the address in the registration form, please. Itis possible that the starting numbers or medals will be sent by post. Enter thecorrect address for us to have a correct information for delivery.
  • Therewill not be any discount when you register for all 3 events (this was a benefitof ČSOB Winter Tour). It is because of the different starting fees for classicrace and virtual race.
  • Virtualrace can be accomplished during the whole weekend, classic race will have afixed time and place of the start.
  • Theresults will be created separately for classic races and separately for virtualraces.
  • Afterthe end of ČSOB Summer Tour, there will be an information ranking made of thefinal times either from 3 virtual races or 2 classic runs. It is assumed thatthe runner is still running the same distance.
  • Propositionsand all the necessary information about classic races (including the venue inBratislava) will be specified in the second half of June.
  • Ifthe epidemic situation will not allow the classic race to take place or therewill be any other unpredictable changes, all the races will be organized asvirtual races.

Jozef Pukalovič, sports director of the event


1. part: 13.06.-14.06.2020 – only “virtual” race

2. part: 11.07.-12.07.2020 – (11.07.2020 classic race)

3. part: (08.08.2020 classic race) – 09.08.2020 or (15.08.2020 classic race) – 16.08.2020

-the exact date of the 3rd part will be announced at the beginning of July


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