We take your first marathon personally

Marathon is a royal discipline 👑🏃 and as the Bratislava Marathon Team lays stress on the fact that everybody who runs this royal distance gets a royal service. Not only elite runners, not only those who are part of Slovak Championship and not only those who run marathon under 4 hours. Indeed all. During this year´s edition we focus especially on those, who run the marathon distance for the very first time     🏆.

If you dream that in the magic year 2020 you will run your first marathon come to Bratislava on 5. April to Bratislava to do so and we promise you that we will take care of you royally 👑. We start a little bit untraditionally from the end because the medal will be this year really unique.  And in addition to this we have prepared for you as follows:

  1. Engraving of medal for free. We are runners as well so we know how special is a medal for each runner. And the first marathon is the first one for the whole life. For this reason everybody, who runs in Bratislava marathon for the first time, gets a voucher for engraving of the finish time on our beautiful medal.
  1. You will be either thirsty neither hungry. Our organizing team guarantees that the refreshing and freshening stations offer during both laps everything you need for your successful marathon and that you correctly refill the lost energy. Water, iont drinks, grape sugar, salt, bananas, oranges and chocolate plus, at the close of the track, also Coca Cola.
  2. There will be really enough for everybody. We refill refreshment from the first runners to the last ones so there is no reason to be afraid that in the second lap there will be less refreshment.
  3. You will be supported by skilled pacemakers, who help and encourage you during your first marathon in moments you need it on track mostly.
  4. You can meet the pacemakers also on Saturday during the Pasta Party where you can discuss with them the tactics for Sunday´s run and get last useful advices before the start.
  5. On Saturday you can also meet our trainers and experts who advice you not only how you can spend the evening before the start but also how to „fight“ with the prestart nervousness or how to regenerate after the first marathon.
  6. Special start number. During the presentation you can get also the “voluntary” second start number and place it on the back so that all running friends and viewers along the track can cheer you even more when they see that you run your first marathon.
  7. The first marathon wall of fame. For you as first marathon runner we have prepared an individual wall where we want to pay tribute to your decision to run the royal discipline, to dozens of training hours and to everything you devoted during the path to it. The photo wall will be placed within the presentation area.
  8. So that you get a nice common remembrance that you were not alone, we have prepared a common photo shooting for all first marathon runners on Saturday, 4th April 2020 at 6:00 p.m. under the start arch in Pribinova street.
  9. After the end of 15th ČSOB Bratislava Marathon edition we choose by lot one first marathon runner who gets free start fee for the ČSOB Bratislava Marathon in 2021. And maybe it will be you!

Looking forward to you   

Bratislava Marathon Team

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By Tomas / Administrator on jan 21, 2020