Dear running friends
As announced together with the decision about the final form of ČSOB Bratislava marathon 2020 organization on 31st August 2020, today we are sending online pre-registration system to your emails. The system enables you to request also ČSOB Bratislava marathon 2020 start fee refund as well as shipping of your ČSOB Bratislava marathon 2020 start package (in case you did not pick it up personally or receive it in previous months).
– Please pay attention when filling out the form, as we will be sending further information and eventually start packages based on the information you provide. You need to fill out this form even when you already did it in last couple of months.
– Online system will be open until 30th September 2020.
– Online system will be sent in newsletter to all duly registered participants who signed in via system !!!
– In next couple of days we will be contacting all duly registered participants who signed in via “vouchers”, based on paid invoices (usually mass company registrations)
– Despite filling out the form already in recent months, you can choose one of three options:
A) Transfer your start fee to one of the next events – 2021, 2022 or 2023
B) Ask for a full start fee refund in 2020
C) Help the organizers and support the event – leave the start fee for the organizer of the event and donate his activities.
– In case you ask for a full start fee refund (option B), ticket company will contact you in October and solve this request.
– All runners who paid start fee can ask for shipping of their start package by mail to the address they provide in their form. Start packages will be shipped in October 2020. The general partner of the event, “ČSOB”, has decided to cover the shipping costs as well as costs of virtual race organization.
If you have any problems with filling out the form, please contact us at
Your Bratislava marathon team


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By Tomas / Administrator on sep 15, 2020