ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2020

Dear running friends,

  • It has been more than 2 weeks (08.03.2020) since we had learnt about the decision of the Central Crisis Staff of Slovak Republic and resulting regulation of Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of Slovak Republic to cancel the prepared 15th ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2020 planned to take place on 4th-5th April 2020.
  • The situation in Slovakia, as well as in the world, has changed significantly over this time. The decision of a state organ to cancel the event due to vis major circumstances such as COVID-19 has caused all of us a big disappointment. Nevertheless, just couple of days later we fully acknowledged this had been a right decision aiming to protect what is the most important in life – our health.
  • We have seen you were looking forward to it, trained hard, getting ready, sacrificing your time, energy, and invested huge effort to fulfill your running dream. Not even a month prior to the event, ready in its final stage, we found ourselves in the moment that suddenly everything stopped.
  • Again, we would like to thank all of you who have been continuously supporting us in these moments. It gives us energy and motivation to start over, reevaluate plans, adopt to the new situation and prepare for you an edition that will make history, also due to these circumstances.
  • A huge thank you goes also to our partners and co-organizers who stand on our side constantly and have showed strong support. In a very short time, we were able to find a new date for ČSOB Bratislava Marathon to take place still in 2020. We all strongly believe that the actual situation will calm down and we all are going to meet in Bratislava in autumn to enjoy “untraditional” fall running feast together. It is the Bratislava City Magistrate, Bratislava Region, city districts, city police or Regional Headquarters of Police in Bratislava who are in the first-line today, together with our medical staff and many other agencies, they are trying to assure such conditions so we can come back to our normal lives and start fulfilling our running dreams again. Thank you all very much !!!

  • Thanks to support and unity of all the important organizational units of this event, on Tuesday 10 March 2020 we were able to inform you about a new date of ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2020, postponed to the first weekend in September: 5th-6th September 2020 #wedontcancelwereschedule

  • We wish to believe that you all can make this new date and we will meet in Bratislava in autumn. This situation has taken us back to the starting point and we are starting over with the whole preparation, which had been ready at 90% with just couple of details to fine-tune. It is just like a marathon – at times, you are almost at the finish line and yet you are back in the beginning and have to undertake the journey again, although perhaps your finish will be even more beautiful. We are very thankful that many of you will be there with us.

a)   If you are registered already there is no need to do anything else than train for ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2020. Your registration is fully valid.

We are aware that the new date may not be suitable for everyone. If you are unable to attend the autumn date, we have the following options for you:

b)   Transfer the entry fee to any of the following three years of this event, that is, in 2021, 2022 or 2023.

c)   Donate the entry fee at your discretion. You can do this anytime during three years, for editions 2020 (September date), 2021 or 2022.

d)   If you do not want to choose any of the above, we will send you the ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2020 runners’ package with BIB number, finisher medal, and marathon/half-marathon “Finisher T-shirt” to the address you entered in your registration form. As a thank you, we will include also a special “event buff” for free. Those of you who have purchased an “official event T-shirt” or an “exclusive finisher T-shirt”, we will include those as well. We will cover the shipping costs as a great thanks from our side.

  • You can find detailed instructions how to proceed with your selection in an online form placed on website bratislavamarathonpostponed.sk. We will send you these instruction also in our newsletter. The form is available in Slovak as well as in English. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at registracia@becool.sk. Please fill in the form until 30th April 2020 so we can start dealing with your request since May. Of course, the actual situation around COVID-19 affects the process and delivery of materials to us. We will be continuously informing you about the progress of your request.
  • All of us were looking forward to the event and were working hard to enjoy those exceptional emotions and energy that ČSOB Bratislava Marathon always creates. We stopped together and we will start running again. Now, the most important thing is to do everything we can for protection of our health and not rush anything. Our key communications message leading us towards the autumn event is:


  • We are preparing new training plans, stories, advice and recommendations how to get ready for “the D- day” for you so you can be prepared the best you can. If the situation allows us, we will agree with our partners to open an official event T-shirts & buffs distribution point at least for the weekend so you can enjoy your training even more with our official marathon products. We will keep you posted.
  • Dear runners, we should be united even more than ever. Let´s be supportive of one another, and appreciate all of those who need it the most at these times. Let´s be responsible in this situation so these difficult days and weeks also for sport come to an end as soon as possible and we can return to what we love so much.
  • We wish you lots of strength, endurance, patience, and most importantly strong health and we are looking forward to join you on our running events

Bratislava marathon team



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