11th year of Bratislava Night Run – TELEKOM NIGHT RUN 2019

Advices and basic information

Main Organizer: BE COOL, s.r.o., Krajinská 37, 821 06 Bratislava, Slovak republic

Co-organizers: CapitalCity of SR Bratislava, City part Bratislava – Old Town, City part Bratislava –Petržalka,

Municipal District Bratislava, Bratislavský marathon, o.z.

Date:  7.9.2019

Place:  Eurovea, Pribinova ulica,Bratislava city center, Slovak republic

Time:   5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Start of run:  8:00 p.m. in Eurovea – Pribinova Str.

Finish: Eurovea – Pribinova Str.

Track: 10 km– city lap through Old Town and Petržalka, solid ground – (the event coversalso 2 accessory runs – Run of Pairs 2x5km and Companies Run)

Time limit: 1,5 hours (till 9.30 p.m.)

Rules: therace will be held according to the Slovak Athletic Federation´ s rules andthese Propositions

Main officials:  

Race director:  Peter Pukalovič

Sportdirector:  Erik Baláž

Technical director and main organizer:   Jozef Pukalovič   

Chiefarbiter:  Branislav Droščák

Coordinator of arbiters: Ján Koštial

Participants limit: The organizer guarantees the participation and all benefits during the event to the first 4 500 registered runners with paid start fee. The total limit of participants are 5 000 runners, 500 entries are reserved for our partners. The runner is regularly registered after he/she has paid the start fee (entered the voucher code) and after the system has send him/her the start number.

Afterthe participants´ limit is full a runner who has applied but not paid the startfee can´t be registered, for that reason we recommend to do the application andat the same time the payment.

Registration: on-line and personally

  • on-line till 3.9.2019 via predpredaj.sk and bratislavamarathon.com
  • personally in case the participants limit is not full in Eurovea, Pribinova Str., M.R.Štefáník Square:

– from 4.9.2019 till 6.9.2019 in Eurovea, always from 12:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.

– on 7.9.2019 from 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

Important notice: In the registration form pleasewrite the time you have reached in the 2018 event or in a run with comparabletrack length (10 km) in 2018 or 2019. The start corridor will be divided into 4 zones (Telekom, ČSOB, Mercedes-Benz, 4F) according to the given timeswhich will make the start more fluent. Please give us your real reached times.The runner who does not write his/her time will be automatically placed intothe last corridor.

Telekom ČSOB Mercedes-Benz 4F
˂ 50:00 min. 50:01 min. – 56:00 min. 56:01min.  – 1:02:00 h ˃ 1:02:01 h

After filling in the application form the system offers you the possibility to pay with card or via m internet banking. After the payment of start fee you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Start fee depends on the date (day) when the payment was realized (not on date of registration). If you pay online within the registration system the payment is put to the account immediately. We recommend this way – you can verify your registration immediately after the payment.

Companies Run:

A team has to count 5 runners at least. If there are more runners only the time of 5 fastest runners will be evaluated. At least 2/3 runners in the team have to be employees of one company (not members of a sport club or any other club). All members of the team must rum under the same team name (as TELEKOM,..). The evaluation of the Companies Run will take place within 7 days after the event. The teams ranking on places 1,2 and 3 will get a cup.   

Registration: When registering a team, please give the same name of the team and required data of each team member.

Prizes: 3 best teams in absoluteorder will be evaluated.  

Start fee – depends on date of payment:

15 €         for the first 2 000 registered runners with paid start fee, start numbers 501 – 2 500

17 €         for the next 2 500 registered runners with paid start fee, startnumbers 2 501- 5 000The already paid start fee will be not refunded. Ifyou announce your absence till 24.8.2019 you can use the start fee in the nextyear of this event.


Those runners whotook part in all 10 events (totally 16 runners) and want to start also in its 11thedition can start for free and get the participants T-shirt if they write till 30.07.2019 to magda@becool.skThose runners who took part in the last 10 events (totally38 runners) and want to start also in its 11th edition can start forfree if they write till 30.07.2019 to magda@becool.sk.

Possibilities of payment:

  • with card or internet banking
  • if the participants limit is not full personally in the place of participants´ presentation   

Categories:            Men:      M39 – age to 39 years                    (year of birth 1980 – 2003)           

                                               M40 – age 40 – 49 years               (year of birth 1970 – 1979)

                                               M50 – age 50 – 59 years                (year of birth 1960 – 1969)

                                               M60 – age 60 and more years       (year of birth 1959 and before)

                               Women: Ž39 – age to 39 years                      (year of birth 1980 – 2003)

                                               Ž40 – age 40 – 49 years                  (year of birth 1970 – 1979)

                                               Ž50 – age 50 – 59 years                  (year of birth 1960 – 1969)

                                               Ž60 – age 60 and more years          (year of birth 1959 and before)

Result announcement:           


M absolute rank     

M39 –age 39 years (year o birth 1980 – 2003)
M40 – age 40 – 49 years (year of birth 1970 – 1979)

M50– age 50 – 59 years  (year of birth 1960 – 1969)

M60– age 60 and more years (yearof birth 1959 and before)


Ž absolute rank

Ž39 – age to 39 years (year of birth 1980 – 2003)

Ž40– age 40 – 49 years (year of birth 1970 – 1979)

Ž50 – age 50 – 59 years (year of birth 1960 – 1969)

Ž60– age 60 and more years (year of birth 1959and before)

The organizer does not accept applications of younger runners who did not reach 16 years on the day of the race because the running track for them is not in compliance with Slovak Athletic Federation rules (it is longer).

Presentation, picking up of start numbers in Eurovea, Pribinova ulica, M.R.Štefánik Square:  

– from 4.9.2019 till 6.9.2019 always from 12:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.

– on 7.9.2019 from 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

Start fee includes:

  • start number with chip and name (when registered with paid start fee till 9.8.2019),
  • medal in finish,
  • refreshment on track,
  • refreshment in finish,
  • SMS with reached time to the handy number given in the on-line application,
  • possibility to print out the on-line diploma after the run,
  • changing rooms,
  • depository of personal belongings

Technical T-shirt adidas with the event´s logoyou can buy in desired size within the on-line registration for 20,- Eur. If the T-shirts are not outof stock before the run, you can buy them directly in the event (the number ofT-shirts is limited).

Start corridors: Please, when filling outthe registration from write your time reachedin this event in 2018 or on a track with similar distance (10km) in 2018 or2019. Start corridor will be divided into 4 zones which makes the start and run in the firstmeters more fluent. If you do not give us your time, you will be automaticallyput to the end of the start field. We ask you herewith to give us the realreached times, by this you show respect towards other runners.

Insurance: All participants areobliged to have individual health insurance. Each participant starts at ownresponsibility. The organizer is not responsible for damages on property orhealth connected with journey, stay and participation of runners in the event.

On the back side of the start number as well in the on-line application form  you will have the opportunity to fill in information about your health. These data will be used by the organizer exclusively in case of health complications and should medical aid be provided to you. You can add also information about your actual health problem, illness, allergy, contact person or other important information which could help in case of emergency.

Time measurement: with chips which are part of the start number is provided by VOS-TPK. Time measurement can´t be secured without the chip. The time of a runner will be measured according to the gun start of his/her starting zone.   

Results: Willbe published after the event on sportsofttiming.sk and afterwards bratislavamarathon.com. The runnerswill be placed in the result list according to their official times (from shottill crossing the finish line).There will be also the information about the net time (unofficial time).  

Protests: Protests have to besubmitted verbally to the chief arbiter within 30 minutes after the results are announcedat latest. Appeal against the decision of the chief arbiter, accounted by 10 €,has to be submittedto the jury in written form within 30 minutes after the official announcementof the chief arbiter´sdecision. The organizer BE COOL, s.r.o. retainsthe right to adapt or nearly specify some data in these propositions.

Information: All information regarding the run willbe published stepwise on bratislavamarathon.com

Contacts:  phone:  +421/904404638,e-mail: info@becool.sk

Material prizes:     – The first three men and first three women in absolute order will get material prizes.
–   Material prizes will get also the winners in individual age categories.

 (Thewinners´announcement ceremony will be held on the main stage at the M.R.Štefánik Square  approx. at 9:20 p.m.).

Changing rooms, depository: will be placed next to the start/finish zone. All information and the map of the technical zone will be available on bratislavamarathon.com.

Toilets:  Mobile toilets will be placedin the technical zone.

Medical aid: In the start and finish area as wellas along the track medical aid and emergency station will be placed. 

Run of Pairs 2x5km – as part of Telekom Night Run

The runner marked with letter „A“ runsas first, the relay handover takes place on the 4,7km in Jesenského Str. next to Slovak National Theatre (Komenského square).

The second runner marked with letter „B“ goes to the handover place by feet (approx. 600m from thestart/finish zone – you take the Štúrova Str., in front of turn left to Jesenského Str. and in approx. 150m you are in the place of handover.

Therunners will reach the handover zone approx at 8:15 p.m., so be there on time.

The runners are asked to queue for the handover side by side from 1,2,3,…so that the handover becomes more fluent. Be there regardful and respect other runners.

The „A“ runner will get after the handover refreshment, Mercedes-Benz overcoat and medal and he/she moves by feet to the start/finish zone in Eurovea. The „B“ runner runs to the finish where he/she will get refreshment, Mercedes-Benz overcoat and medal. When moving towards the handover place or back to the finish, respect the running participants so that collisions are avoided. The „A“ can ´t enter the finish corridor.

The number of pairs is limited to 200.

Thank you and we wish you good luck.

Attention: Because of thecharacter of the run (we run in evening hours with artificial light) we kindly  ask all participants to pay high attention tothe security and to use reflex elements on their running outfit. Please, followthe advices of organizers and show respect to your running fellows on thetrack.

The organizer BE COOL, s.r.o. retains the right to adapt or nearlyspecify some data in these propositions especially with regards to vis maior circumstancesas well to close the registration with regards to the participants limit.

We arelooking forward to you!!!