Main partner of the discipline: ČSOB Financial Group

Start: 7th April 2019 (Sunday) at 09:00 a.m.

Start fee:

depends on the date of payment:

  • till 31.12.2018 – 35 €
  • from 01.01.2019 till 15.02.2019 – 40 €
  • from 16.02.2019 till 06.04.2019 – 45 €     

Start fee for the ČSOB Finance Group clients (30% discount):

  • till 31.12.2018                                    24,50 €
  • from 01.01.2019 till 15.02.2019        28,00 €
  • from 16.02.2019 till 06.04.2019        31,50 €

Start fee for the Dôvera Insurance Company clients:

  • till 31.12.2018                                    31,00 €
  • from 01.01.2019 till 15.02.2019        36,00 €
  • from 16.02.2019 till 06.04.2019        41,00 €

Advantageous start fee for loyal marathon runners:

“The LUCKY 10” – those marathon runners who took part in all 13 years can start for free however they have to send an e-mail till 15.02.2019 to to register.

  1. Zeleník Jozef
  2. Nagy David
  3. Vago Milan
  4. Oborný Jozef
  5. Ševčík Štefan
  6. Simon Alexander
  7. Korpás Ladislav
  8. Szekely Ondrej
  9. Seidlová Eva
  10. Pafko Roman

New in 2019
            – Those marathon runners who took part in minimal 10 editions of the event and crossed the
                finish line in discipline marathon can use the advantageous start fee 25,- EUR however they      
                have to send an e-mail till 15.02.2019 to   

– Those marathon runners who run in Bratislava their first marathon will get the second   
   number to be placed on their back declaring their premiere in the royal running discipline. 

„Golden“ and „silver“ start numbers
Marathon runners, who took part in all marathons within this event can get a golden start number. Marathon runners who took part in the marathon discipline 10x at least can get silver start numbers. Golden as well as silver start numbers will get the runners in case they register and pay start fee till 15.02.2019 and they announce their name to

Benefit for marathon runners

Also in 2019 we offer the possibility to marathon runners, who decide on the half marathon distance in the first lap (approx. on the 20,8km on the run down from the Old Bridge) not to go into the second lap (health reasons), to run regular into the finish together with half marathon runners and toe be classified together with them. 

The only condition is that the marathon runner after he/she crosses the finish line announces to the time keeping team placed in the finish corridor under the finish arch. The runner should also notify the organizers and referees who regulate the runners towards the finish or the second lap close to the finish (20,8 km) about the intended change of the discipline!!! 

Start number and chip:

Marathon runners will get 1 start numbers (exception are greenies who will get two start numbers). The time measuring chip is placed on the start number which has to be placed on the chest. Start number must be placed visible, it can´t be covered, damaged or debased in any way.   



  • M to 39 years (year of birth 1980 – 2001)


  • Ž to 39 years (year of birth 1980 – 2001)
  • Ž50  – age 50 and more years (year of birth 1960 – 1969)
  • Ž60 –  age 60 and more years (year of birth 1959 and earlier)  


  • Till 29th March 2019 till 12:00 p.m. on- line on via or
  • personally during presentation at the event, if the capacity of the run is not full

Presentation of registered participants, picking up of start numbers and chips:

  • 03.04. – 04.04.2019 from 12:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. (EUROVEABratislava)
  • 05.04. from 9:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. (EUROVEA Bratislava)
  • 06.04. from 8:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. (EUROVEA Bratislava)
  • 07.04.2019 from 6:30 a.m. till 8:00 a.m. – only registered participants – only picking up of
    start numbers with chips, no possibility to make a new registration! (EUROVEABratislava)


Financial rewards in the category marathon will get the first 6 men and 6 women in absolute order. The first 3 men in categories M to 39 years, M40, M50 and M60 and the first 3 women in categories Ž to 39 years, Ž40, Ž50 and Ž60 will get material prizes. 

In case the track record in marathon will be broken:

  • men: HOSEA KIPLAGAT Tuei (KEN) 2:17:18 hod. (2015)
  • women: JEPKOSGEI KIMUTAI Hellen (KEN) 2:35:35 hod. (2015)
    the absolute winner will get in the respective category a special financial premium. 


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